Ola peoples. This morning I gave a talk at Jefferson Community College, for a leadership program they hosted for 400 local HS students. It was great! The kids were amazing and engaged, and their college hosts were cool and gracious. The speech itself was pretty straightforward, but we had a lot of fun & interactivity w/ the audience.

I asked them some personal questions about their strengths, weaknesses & aspirations and challenged them to stretch themselves & do some of the “hard” things. I think that stepping out of one’s comfort zone and taking on the challenge of mastering something you are not already “good” at, actually strengthens you in other aspects of your life. After the talk we had a Q&A and I flexed the golden rhymes a lil’ bit for the sake of the yute. lol

Anyway, afterwards we had lunch together and after answering more questions and talking about education and growing up overseas, we took dozens and dozens of photos, as kids from each school came up to say “Hi” & strike a collective pose. A local news station, covered the early part of the day. You can see peep their news report here.